in my mind

A character in this reality, each of us is a character in each episode. Everyone else is watching in another reality. Who is to say what is known? What if all that is known is just perceived? Everything we know is almost everything that we have been told. If our ancestors figured their own truths, why are we not looking for our own?

-in my mind

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nearing Our End: Light

Finding the ways
through the hot, damp tunnel
it continues to break
find the way

broken wine glasses
vases at the wall aiming
blaming only one for
the flying obstacles
like one was not enough
to know that one way
or another, one should not
be the constant blame

trying to live
under the short lamp
the need for light
trying not to fall
into the demons hands

fearing shades
under that moon light
waiting to find
what one is running from
but there isn't never
anything there

Thursday, December 26, 2013

They Say...

They say that
love is patient
but I am wasted
waited, I had patience I need rum
to subtract the sum
of our buried treasures

They say that
love with last
but there is no way to pass
and at last, we must see our past

...and I need rum
to subtract the sum
of our buried treasures

Monday, December 23, 2013

Without You, There Is No Us...

love in the water

so I thought
all you need is love
that is so, so false

if you don't believe
in you or I
then you cannot believe
in us

if you don't trust
yourself or I
then you can't trust
in us

If you can't find compromise
then no promise
can I keep

If we cannot speak
with one another
everything will sound
much louder

if we cannot walk together
then how can we stand
each other

if you don't love
yourself enough
you can't possible
love I

If you do not learn how to swim
then we'll both drown

Rowing with all my might
I feel like I will not make it
knowing that
before I can save you love
I must save
beliefs, trust, and compromise
save the words that do harm
the emotions that makes you cry
keep me from being myself
because when I'm with you
there is no such thing as I

EOU © 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Say you can't
be there...

so that I can
prepare myself to step alone

so that I know
no one has my back

so that I see
that I belong so

Say you can't,
and I can't

Say you can't
and I will be alright

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wreckage in the Past

It feels like I'm constantly swerving,
trying to avoid the wreckage ahead
of the past problems
that just keep leaving the rear-view
to appear ahead

Frustrated with jitters
from excitement of lack of sleep
that left me so overtired
that I can't fall asleep
but I'm full of fatigue

It feel like an earthquake
inside my heart
why is everything falling apart
maybe we should be apart
and head straight for all the wreckage
we kept trying to leave in the past

Monday, December 9, 2013

When falling no longer feel so...

not sure when One started to descend
it must have been a long time
for One feels like he's on solid ground

Saturday, November 30, 2013


I was gone
From underneath I see it all, all of you who came
and as far as I could remember, I was missing a part of you
but now you came, and you say goodbye
I say no goodbyes, just good,
or maybe good to meet you!
or maybe see you later

Monday, November 25, 2013

Not All Love

In your affections
there is a blade
reflecting my wounds.
your shoulders
at your absence
are my ground.
why rise?
when one can fall
and raise the hound
to your perfection.
Bleeding to rescue you
from your obsessions.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Show me that you love me

Abandon me
     remember forget me
     look at me
     and see something nothing
     take and take
     and give take from me
     favor disfavor me
     trust do not trust me
     take break me
     don't let me fall
     and when you
     don't let me down
     I really know
     you hate love me

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reflections in spilled liquor

RISL [Feat. +Rah RahTique]
Pictures of us might still linger
In the reflection of spilled liquor,
That is my cup may have runneth over,
All I see is a dysfunctional man mirrored
And splinters from a memory of distant eyes
That lodged in the blisters around my heart
As they pop one by one, it’s time to toe the mark
And reach for another bottle I’ll probably just bogart
I look up and I see dim lights from street lamps flicker
My mind feels blank, hope is bleak, no one’s around
Yet I still whisper “You couldn’t leave me any quicker”
And what’s the use in crying over spilled liquor?
Because anything you can do, I can do bitter
I have the essence of a poet distilled from the instincts of a killer
Each sentence, I could fill it with filth before I’d deliver
Driven by despair, but I’ll never be guilt-ridden,
Because every line I’ve ever have written
Was designed to cut your admiration to ribbons
Love me from a safe distance, good-bye and good riddance!

Then again, your reflection dashed in the splash
And the memory of numbers between you and I ran to me
Number of days in drawers
Spilling from wallet, my case, my desk
My mind and I swear my soul ran from my body
Leaving me too impaired to move away from you
I'm having a relapse from the absence
Of your perfume; the fume you left
On the pillows and couch
Leaving me crouched
After my eyes could not see what my nose could smell
I wanted to fall
Into your reflection in the spilled liquor
First to hug and kiss
To take back everything I did
That made you feel you had no choice but to leave me

I guess you truly had no choice but to go
Now in every bottle I see your ghost
That’s why I pour it out and swallow it, shot after shot
You jolted to a new start when I needed you non-stop
And left me with an alcohol induced aftershock
Wait hold on, was I supposed to make a toast
While holding my fuckin glass aloft?
Anyway, anything I’d like to say to you, will sound like drivel
And I feel like I’m sending you mixed signals
You’re missing the subliminal reason
Why this spilled elixir is medicinal,
When I reflect on it, I space out
And every time I land back on my feet
It’s next to your footprints, in a dreamland all tucked in
Under a cover of constraint I keep on struggling
To write this blueprint for breaking free
It’s all uphill from here and each verse covers a path
Tracking my life with a pen, it's sad it has come to a pretty pass,
I can’t stop now; I still need to get to my last gasp, very fast!
It feels like I’ve already been there, when you first walked out
That’s why I’ll never retrace my steps, but you can try to pace it out,
See if it adds up with you also ending 6 feet down
Then multiply it with the number of times I fell apart
Because I know you’ve went the extra mile to keep count of that
But it’ll get you just about to hell, that’s where I am now
Still trying to dig myself out…

Embracing nothingness
In the deep feeling of loneliness
In caved the tower of love
Into barely a cove
Lather left on the stove
Grime creased every sense of hope
There is no hope...
While I'm still digging for my heart and soul
Trying once again to find my whole
Where, underneath me, you left a hole
In the miles of hell, the thought of you
Rang like bells, picture me falling down the well
Leaving me stringed, leaving me deep
I'm feeling stripped, you used to love me to the tip
Now no choice to love you my way
while you are far away,

but I want you to be mine again
I'm falling a mine astray
I wake up my mind at fray
In the emptiness, feeling my nothingness...

Bleeding myself dry of content
Then seeing you
In the reflection of spilled liquor
Your eyes, your nose
Your hair; short, long, blond and brunette
Your lips; smirking with me then at me
The burn inward lead
I contest for the stolen heart
My stolen heart from you
Left my fractions at odds
Plead to God
To take me now...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Perfectly Still

cruel to watch you still
pouring water out of the fish
wine out of the glass vase
it's cruel to watch you
it is just cruel

I could tear wondering
who's child you once were
who's mother you could have been
but you were taken from your appearance
and made the model for man
hundreds of years
past your time
watching us watch you
feeling our touch
hearing our voices
knowing we are here
and not being able to live
your are frozen
in ∞ time
watching life pass you by

Monday, November 11, 2013

Feet in The Water

Sitting on the boardwalk trying to corner rum
my counterpart talking about
another counterpart
the things that spilled from his tongue
left me confused
as to say
how could one hate something
and then tell his counterpart that he should try
the sense, it makes none
but night was not young
and plenty of liquor in all of our systems
so meaning to our words is determinable
but we are alcohol infused man
so none of this we will remember

Monday, November 4, 2013

Taking My Pressure

from great and mighty
and you blew me up
into the water-filled clouds

out of proportion
and you sucked me dry
to the sand
in the desert

and you enlarged me
filled me with the M
from the boy

of reality
and you went deep
almost killing
to five and a half inches
of heaven

    shrinking, blowing, small, full
    from great and mighty
    out of proportion
    feeling... of reality
     and you blew me up
     and sucked me dry
     and enlarged me
     and you went deep

       into the water-filled clouds
       to the sand
       filled me with the M
       almost killing me

                in the desert
                from a boy
                to five and a half inches
                of heaven

Thursday, October 31, 2013

* Too Much

i know i pray too much
sometimes it feels like
it's not enough
i think i say too much
but it's not like you're always
I probably ask for too much
but you know just how much I need

if i could be a bird and
be careless
then i could worry less
and have less walks
by myself

i may think too much
god know what i'm thinking
i may believe too much
but it give me twice the amount peace

if i could be lion and
be fearless
then i could walk the jungle
not worrying what's behind me
but i find struggle believing
nothing is there

I may think too much
god know what i'm thinking
i believe sometimes too much
but it gives me three times the strength

following the glow
i know something is there
i care to know if it's you
but fear if it's not
and so i freeze
but time just kept on going

i know i pray too much
sometimes it feels like
it's not enough
i think i say too much
but it's not like you're always
I probably ask for too much
but you know just how much I need
I maybe hanging on too much
the truth is
it's not enough

Beloved Protector

in my endeavors
to save he, beloved
our protector

Breaking through light
he, sent by the stars
to foil the dimming light

Save me, man
from himself

Through the brightness of your heart

Thankful for your coming, the light that bark the dark, to fill the emptiness brought by voided broken hearts. Thankful for the chill that left sleepless thee breaking cold winds in my place of sleep. Thankful that the flesh be cleaned and bring forth the star from stars far away. Thankful for this reflection of thee from the star brought forth. Thankful that my Beloved Protector be with his agent; his adviser, his protector, his guidance until he guides man.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Standing with you

The hardest wind kept blowing
every time i move closer
it blows me further away
i must learn to move slowly
don't let pride see me now

i must learn to forget some things
so that you don't keep getting further than arms reach away
the worse is so
when the cold try to beat me down
but even worse is so
when the skylight burns me down
i feel alone
in this world of logic
and you must feel alone
believing in your magic

The hardest wind kept blowing
every time i move closer
it blows me farther away
i must learn to move slowly
don't let pride see me now

it's easy to be myself
but some times it seems you need someone else
every road sees a simile
but nothing get's through you
the storm, always near by
I feel like i'm holding on for dear life
I see the sun
but it's far away

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Buying World I

Someone in this world is happy with the little they have and I with most abundance, most jealous of a person with nothing but filled with so much joy. I want nothing more than rip myself apart and battle this weakness this weakness that follow me that attracts me to things that fall and break and become obsolete. I want nothing but to fall and shatter so that I can be picked up and put back into place without these things that cloud my imagination and repeal my wants for these things that fire my judgement for warning.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Man Out of Fear

There is nothing
lurking in the shadows
I am sure
but sometimes
my imagination gets
the best of me

creek sound
from underneath my foot
pleaded pounds of base
tearing something out of me
hot moist air froze me
and sweat trickled down the lining
of my back, my protection
the wall on my back
spiderweb filled
dusted with rust
the scent of moist dead air
that my nostril must heir
picking panic from my fear
sending my soul dashing
up the stairs

I must, I must, I must
do this things
that make boys man
I must, I must, I must
not be frighten
I must
put away the imagination of fear
and lock down the stare
upon my duties to becoming a man

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Arrays of Rays

You emerging
into the aqua blue sky
and you place yourself high
your pollen arrays ray
to darken me
and make me glow

I cannot sleep
when your rays beam
simple because
you are sun shinning

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Battling Lies

Forgive me

for telling you the truth
the sounds of lies
try to roll out of my tongue
but too easy of a thing
so I'm taking my armor
my sword and my shield
and I am going to battle lies

I'm going to shield

from your need of lies
I'm going to raise the blade
from your want of mirage
I'm going to strike you with truth

Forgive me killing you
with truth,

but nothing hurts more 
than the truth
saying, screaming, bloating out
you can't handle the truth

Until the truth kills you dead...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Echos of Sounds

trying to cry borrowed voices
no time to plead or see

when your heart stop beating
and it beats someone else's
you feel first numb
then dumb for crying someone else's cries

when your ears stop working
and you borrow someone else's
first it's crumble of channels
until you think you stumble on
something you've never heard

when your eyes fail to see
that it's just fire burning within
patience is your water filling
but you are scared to drown in
all of the questions
and now your heart is gone

after this, you won't feel again
everything that once meant anything
will chatter like it never existed
your heart will pound
locked in your mind
to live with what you've done

Monday, October 7, 2013

Wisdom Baby

Still all four wisdom teeth
still holding a few baby teeth
hard letting go...

throb awaken me
pounds beating
so tired, I could not sleep

artificial problems
spilling in my long distant future
waiting until that time to come

forgetting every words you ever said
they are just words
they mean nothing
but to me, they are everything
they are you, part of you
that I must hold on to
because If anything should happen
I have something to hold on to

I should be stronger now
I must try
I feel it in my bone
is time to let it go

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Take away my dept
So that I can owe no longer
So that peace may enter me
So that peace I can give

Judge me not
So that I can no longer judge
so that my perception
is only my perception
and does not define me

Feed me
so that I can feed someone
so that they can feed someone
so that the world go round

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

you will lose me

I'm not falling
I'm diving

the force was once mine
it no longer belongs to I

Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't Say

don't call me incredible
i am credible
don't say i'm impossible
i think i'm possible
don't say i'm amazing
i am not amaze
don't say i'm great
i don't think i'm all that good

don't say...

don't say...

don't say...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Your Fire is My Fire

Embers flicker away
in their birth, 
there's witness of death
and the smallest beautiful things
grows old the minute it was born... milliseconds losing its burn
your life was not a bore
it rips like paper
watching you fade
from this tiny, flickering light
to black dust... the dusk
it tears like metal
ones heart not to have heard your voice
but your thoughts are heard
they are heard...

Taking your fire
the thing that defined you most
blowing on it
gently and gentler
until your sparks, its not fully lost
then putting you in heart...
putting your fire in my heart

Monday, September 23, 2013

Way To Eternity

Sitting in cold air
man near damn freezing
the world full of angels
the scene so white
mans eyes barely comprehend
the meaning of all this
is a maze in ones mind
the meaning of anything
thee keeps man challenged

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You, Once, Now, Not, Always

you are softer than this
once easier to open
now you are so closed
not even walking on your feet
always, at the edge of your sit

you are better than this
once full of the color to life
now you're in deep with a knife
If in the could you see
how always, you used to fit

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rich Dark One, Beloved, Precious, Mighty

From the white sunrise
you are born mighty

from the forest

you are
the rich dark one

the beloved
precious, mighty

from Hadria

the Adriatic Sea

to the land far from your own

that of which
bore your body

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No no no
I said no
no to the moon
no to you

I said no
no man
to know man
I am no fan
of no man telling me no

I hate no
no to this
no to that
no all round
why be a no man?

No no no
I said no
no to the moon

no to you

Monday, September 9, 2013

You can Find ME

You can find me!

Cold water to damp the cloth
Cold brick
In a blackened forest
Hum sounds, reap from your throat
Vibrant, the raindrops
Vibrating objects that are landed on
In your bluish hands
Stay and find me

Find me in the green color leaf
that will be cut, struck, or eaten

Find me in the drop
that falls, rolls, and puddles

© EOU 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Abstract of Self

I never said anything about love. I did however thrust you with some trust that will cost you something later, but right now you smile. I cannot help the fact that at night I have to howl at the moon, and every time you cry soon after. Chapters after chapters, continuously find pages ripped from my book - my favorite book. When I woke up you were no where to be found and so I put on the coffee maker and quench my thirst for awakening. happening today is recapture of tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day, today is tomorrow somewhere else - the world is still spinning even when I'm not in it, even when I stop. I see it, all the won't, could, should - they are under the umbrella and I'm soaked in rain. paint me standing on the wall, holding the painting of me standing on the wall, looking at me, looking at me holding a painting of a painting of me, standing on the wall. Then tell me which one is me and which one is of me thinking that is me, and which is the one of someone else reflection.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Around The Corners of The Worlds

black water trails
simply free from the ocean
wind covered rails
dead slain train
blame the blame game
sisters pact to never mind
but one will find
the like kind
the light stand
understand shelves of broken lamp
free me from me
bottomless feed of fuel
crying shame
for the man of cloth
and armoring man of steel
not every thing is lost
not everything is taken
but granted the way you are
is what you never thought you'd be
what seems right
may not worth the fight
only things worse
than fighting with no cause
is fighting for the wrong one
the world is shaped
so that if I lose myself
I will find you
and helping you finding you
will help us find myself

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Sorry Coins

take it back
all of the apologies
they aren't worth cent
sense is we are living
in a room full of apologies
and they are taking
space and we are tripping
falling and as we get up
we fall again, and again
we have been falling
just to now realize
I don't want any more

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Artificial Feeling of...

The artificial feeling involved in daily love has no presence in the reality we are currently holding. It is un-explainable, the meaning of L O V E. If it's not chemical reaction, then it must be wired reactions telling us that we must not linger single. Tinkle warm feeling that passes through us as we find this thing called love. Lonely feeble man wish they never gave theirs up because learning to love is not the same as loving to learn. Those who want to love fail before those who run as far as their feet can bring them. But your feet can only bring you so far and then you see those who first failed being carries by more than just their feet

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Diamond Fins

numbers runningflashes of dashboardme lingering awkwardwatching them sunny side upon crystal sandlooking at my metal handunable to understandframes in the mindso I stack themmy picture framesmake a short story filmstand firmwhile she is reading my palmtell me about my futurethrough the lines of my pastIt's time to cleanse my sinsI have to fastI keep seeing angelsin my dreamstelling me they have no wingsthey are wearing finsdiamond clusterswaves of shapesloads of voicespiles of skin

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Devil's Food

Can't stop eating
can't stop thinking of what more to eat
this is overindulging but weight is depended on gravity
but actually, you only do not eat during poverty
so eat while you can
Full to the tip
but nothing can stop this being
from eating
seeking, heroic
seeking, the stars
but it's dependent on the earths arc
the day is passing like numbered cards
feeling like having it all
need all to have me
sex transpose into overeating almanac
over seeking for feelings when releasing
undertaking man
overtaking the soul
the cold
to show today is bold
dancing nude
sex fiend orchestra
underage marriage
filthy wants
uncontrollable needs
banish these animals
so that they can feel purity
banish these selfish beings
so that they can feel purity

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

***Golden Lit Pairs

connected through the fruit of our loins
drifted apart by the atmosphere
once we were so the same
now we are like apple and pears
we could be happy pairs
we could be half happy singles
wondering souls
distracted from our whole
by man company
buy man's company
dreaming to achieve
the oppositions
of living in our own glitch
subjected voids
with non perishable objects
damn to paper and coins
the sense of monetary offerings
to contemporary religions
the seconds in time
worth more than any possession
any coin
pay your love with time
your respect with your presence
your time shows
all that you are worth

© EOU 2012

Monday, August 12, 2013

It's A Yellow Pearl

Found in the bottom
of the ocean
inside a muscle
the soloist
looking at
countless numbers of muscles

you are the overgrown
pearly yellow skin
you are the found
that your wishes be
someone else's command

if you are at ease
then you can better believe
falling into the humanity of man
accepting everything to no standards

stand down
in the reflection of water
standing up
for what you don't really believe
and believing what you cannot truly stand for

you are becoming
the reflection of yourself
you are becoming real
from transparent

You are fearless in mans eye
but you are living in fear, and
living is not fearing
so all the time you thought you were living
you were fairing
deeply into your fears

EOU 2012

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Watercolor Sky

Dream so vivid
seeing lucid
are you cupid?

the full glass
of liquor
ignore your plead
to save me from drowning

to shape
and reshape
sharpen finger tips
lined across your lips
tripping so steep

falling into the tip cup
before taking flight
stupid reflections
of somebody else

self attraction
while contraction
the esteem
at first
but at the end, fall

Monday, August 5, 2013

Le Passe-muraille

everything blank
the feeling of not knowing
how to feel
the constant
flush of content, sad, mad, sad
hope,crush, hurt
and the cries
you want us to laugh
but it just doesn't feel right
You are here
but no longer with us
bring your alarm
hoping you would wake
for goodness sake
please wake

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Deep In Your Empty Chest

I don't know why You are
Black, White, and Gloom
crawling out that hole
where you were whole
stacking wheels of clues
rolling hearts up -
up your sleeves
you wear them well
but not all of them fit
looking really deep
outside your heart
you know
they really deserved it

When you can't fill
that empty chest with anything
then you wear
stolen hearts
on your sleeves

I don't know why You are
Mad, Sad, and Blue
rowing deep into the sea
where you can find only yourself
filling glass bottles
with all your love songs
you only deserve one
and singing the rest
to the bottom of the sea
looking really deep
outside your heart
you know
they don't deserve it

When you can't fill
that empty chest with anything
then you wear
stolen hearts
on your sleeves
-            -            -            -            -            -            -            -            -            -            -            -          

Monday, July 29, 2013


Close to you
so close, I feel far away
as far as I get, as close to me as you are
I see nothing when I look at you
but I see so much more when I look into you

You get close and the closer you get,
the further you are.
If you step back, we can be closer,
the further you are, the closer you are

© EOU 2010

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Plain in Site

I can no longer tell

waves of ocean breeze
trapped in my skin

I am color water
brisking under the sun

fulfill the path beyond

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer st.

Words, lost to him. To carry this known fact all by himself, this place will fade from his memory, places that will die to him. Free, the feeling fulfilling assurance that he will never be again on that avenue because the street he's looking for is ahead of him. It is awkward this awful feeling that is sure everything will be fine. But it is sure right to be unsure and keep one guard up, the wall for imminent danger. Let's not speak of the what could happen and focus on what is happening. Try not to look too far into the distance, there are too many obstacles in the way and to think too far ahead will only bring lonely disappointment. Have you ever been on a sure road, a paved and clear road, a road with no cracks, tears, or imperfections? No,one could have, it is just unreal.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Ground Underneath The Eve of Adam

Red apples distractions
dripping juice
beating on ground
sounding pebbles hitting rocks
glowing bare feet on the living rocks
gently creasing every step with
strokes of feathered dolphin fins
emerging from the beautiful giant's back
her finger pointing at the nudists
parlaying into modern man
from living in to leaving the forest
walking the mile, color bathing under the fired sky
not knowing the meaning of bare
unconscious to what they are
looking for no meaning
attached to no string
to now covering their identities with mounds
and mounds of fabric
and hiding from the fire god
under their sky cover
out of site of vitamin D
learned from the knowledge bush
of grass spreading smoke and ashes
that time stays and the same time dashes
titans clash

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Most In Memory

When I look into my past,
I don't clearly see you
but recall a man walking away
with sports coat over his shoulder
and my thoughts exactly was
"I want to be like him"
the road that separate us
is where I picked up my first cigarette
already lit, half smoked with a fume curved shape
dancing nude
temptation cease to exist
as the cigarette touch my lips
and the smoke left me breathless
coughing for almost forever
while water exit my tear glands
but you came and went like the wind
and until I saw you again
you was a ghost in my memory
every time I fall forward, I fell back
and recall you holding the bike seat
behind me until you let go and loudly said

I went and then I did not see you for
more than just some time
and when I find myself looking up at you
and remembered thinking
"What was wrong with me?"
but you never answered
my unasked question
saving my breath for
not stupid question
so I was quiet most of the time

I could not blame you
for not liking me
I didn't like myself
so much that I try to bleach my personality
bathing in a pool of request
until I as swimming in an ocean of your wants
but anything for you to look at me as you do him

I could not be half of what you wanted me to be
so I split into two leaving you my better half
and all the static noise showing you
but the truth for me
was that I wanted to believe
in you
I am mad at myself
for losing to myself
because I was right
I just could not see it
and apparently
neither could you
and when you and I look into your eyes
and we both see what you want us both to see
the perfect person
but if you put your glasses on
you may see yourself better
because I see you really
and I really do not like
you were most there
but not truly for me
you were most there
but only physically
I always felt not a part of you

and that is what I remember
the most

Thursday, July 11, 2013


on the train
drowning in the motion
into sleep

on the bus
drowning in thought
of all the micro beings
leaning their way
for me to host them

on the plane
drowning in fear
peering through the sky
as we tear through the clouds

most lost
to see you standing there
so long since I've known you
and now I don't know what to do

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Man's Religion

It is a curse to be bound to
the love for the love
that a father should father
these many children
but name them all his child

It is a blessing to be bound to
misunderstand the misunderstood
that a thing that is so good
make man feel so bad
man born innocent
but die tainted

Underneath a cross
on knees
hands together
head down
talking to someone
within me
above me
that's only way
to have it
God's religion

we pay for our sins
to such thing as God's money
while slowly losing faith
some working for God
and some working for money
the so called man's religion

but God didn't put you here to work for him
nor did he put you here to work for money
he put you here to live
to work for life

so I get
underneath a cross
on my knees with hand together
and say thank you
for I don't believe in man's religion

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Source to feeling

trying to cry borrowed voices
no time to plead or see

when your heart stop beating
and it beats someone else's
you feel first numb
then dumb for crying someone else's cries

when your ears stop working
and you borrow someone else's
first it's crumble of channels
until you think you stumble on
something you've never heard

when your eyes fail to see
that it's just fire burning within
patience is your water filling
but you are scared to swim
in the ocean of questions
and now your meaning is gone

after this, you won't feel again
everything that once meant anything
will remain forever constant
slowly dying an untrue death
wailing voices in everything
because of what you've done 

when you see life
from where you are
it will be too late to heal 
hearts will pound
you'll be sorry
for what you've done

Monday, July 1, 2013

Short Flight: Dancing Shoes

After many years of wondering
I think it's time for me to travel
maybe sleep a little longer
before I'm sprinkled on gravel
send strings of message
through the empty can
saying my young goodbyes
now just seeing that
the rope will not hold
and so I let myself slip
from the wooden chair
and with my dancing shoes
I step dance on air
probably the longest dance
but definitely the most painful

Thursday, June 27, 2013


minuscule meaning
to what we are standing on
in a arms reach away
time will reshape
and then we'll be standing on
something else entirely;

  • hate, dislike, disgust
          till we reach that time
          and find something else
          to hate, dislike, and be disgusted by

  • love, like, obsession
          till we find the time
          and everything changes
          leaving us to find something else
          to love, like, and be obsessed with

time changes
but we don't
we run in circles
and do it all over again;

  • we run so far
          just to turn
          back to the past
          the ground to our future 

© EOU 2012

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Completed Tree

There are abundant Recipes for great living. Which one is for us, we have difficulties figuring and so I started a recipe and with your help [please add in comment additions to the recipe what ever you feel I missed] we can create a perfect recipe for living. Cheers to you and thank you for participating.


Thursday, June 20, 2013


stringing me
behaving all along
i could be strong
i could be

pushing me
hearing a voice
in silence
but too busy in lament
and so you took the wheel

Lifting me
in the highest altitude
i feel like i'm way under
your messages are clear
i'm just too simple
could you break me down?

you should know
i left you a glass of scotch
across from me
so that they know
sometimes i talk to you
and sometimes you drink
with me

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