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A character in this reality, each of us is a character in each episode. Everyone else is watching in another reality. Who is to say what is known? What if all that is known is just perceived? Everything we know is almost everything that we have been told. If our ancestors figured their own truths, why are we not looking for our own?

-in my mind

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Necessary Truth

When you stop fearing death,
You begin to live
When you stop worrying,
You can better live
When it all fall apart,
Then, you can start to rebuild

Growing Black Roses

hard to believe,
if one can just be, leave
difficulties in the realms
she cannot be in power
fouler than he having emotions
she wants it all, devotion
he wants just to be real, not just portions
can't believe in love, much less potions
fight for her, fight for her
she wants you to fight for her
but you just trying to meet halfway
by the way, she has a cake
and wants a frosting
even when you have it all
your eyes still wonder
why do we think? Why do we ponder?
when it's not perfect, that's when its stronger
when it's real, when it's right
they don't see more in anything
they just want more in everything
don't you know too much seasoning is bad,
for your heart?
build on the bad
eventually it will all fall apart
black roses,
roses manipulated

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Find Your Love:

Inside an Italian man’s dish
For unwanted domestics
For presidents
Being part of a resident
In the view of landscapes
On men’s wood
In a running shoe
In the a person’s blemish
In not being selfish
In music
In a kiss
For a meaning cause
Watching someone’s loss
In the site of ample hips
In the warmth of tea sips
Inside the middle of your heart
For mathematics
Between a woman's legs
When getting to your bed
For nature
In being sure
In the taste of rum
For a lonely bum
In dump sites
For sweets
In something new
Being one of the only few
In a man's brain
In happy man
In beautiful lips
For beauty
Find your love in living

Saturday, November 20, 2010


This edible fruit, green skinned,
With a shot of red from her chest to her cheeks,
As if blushing to my touch
-I held your bottom, not your cone head
-I held your bottom, so that I can see your face,
As my fangs pierces through your skin
-You are a sweet thing, sweet blushing fruit,
That blushes to my touch,
Apple bottom, yes -your exotic bottom cheeks
That resembles your close cousin: Apple
As if sisters once,
Before you decided to grow a cone,
And be this different fruit,
This exotic fruit
-I held you in my hands, as GOD did when HE sculpted you,
From clay, and decided that you be edible,
- Good thing, because what else could I do with you?
On top of her cone, she began to brown on one side,
Then fading leaving freckles, before returning to,
Her normal green color
-I want to ask, did you catch a tan?
-Or do you wish to be like your half sister?
The brown one, with soft skin,
The, not so firm, that is so sweet,
One would think she was becoming sugar?
-You are a sweet thing, sweet blushing fruit,
That blushes to my touch,
-I like your, blush, your shyness,
Your freckles that looks like a tan,
Just on one side, because you decide to wait for me,
Under the blinding sun
Green, blushing, tanned fruit,
Beautiful pear

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Letting Go

I don't know if I should cry
I new it was coming
just didn't know how, or when
or 10, 30
sometime between then
you said it was over

Believe it or not, I felt no change
I've seen unwelcome tears
appear in situations like this
all the while, I just wish I could
make them Disaster

You said it's not working out
and you have to send me out walking
I felt no change
I wanted to cry
because that is what is normal

I knew it was coming
I expected it, in fact
I said this morning, that
It'll probably be my last
day with you

Did I want it?
I may have wanted it,
in fact
I may need it
I'd admit, things are different
the love is no longer there
but I'm simple
I cannot leave
especially if I get
the frosting on the cake
I wasn't sad
I was happy
because we are all better off

The sun began ascending
out of the gray and white clouds
and the wet asphalt began
drying beneath my feet

Saturday, November 13, 2010

He Already Missed You

Sitting in an empty, four, white walls,
It shows unhappiness,
Sand, almost filled the bottom glass
Near ending, and he already missed you,
And you haven’t yet left.
So how can he live,
From here, to his car,
without you.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shake Me

Dark smoky figure,
took me, then decides
to shake me to wake me
but she can't take me
tearing sweat out of my skin

feeding me fear
earthquake for things living on me
abruption, the vessels
disruption to the lips
tongue is numb from the metal taste
the left side of the body will not wake
the brain is at stake
shake me
someone shake me
please someone wake me
from this horror
I need to be shrugged 
so this thing don't take me

Special Enough

The luxury of creating a special meal for you
as if you weren't special enough
we have to now bear witness
to this extra special someone
we have become so tired of it
jealousy is no where to be found
but I wish I had just a piece of
what you're getting

I am stuck here
because I refuse to finish
what was given to me
the right hand is not moving fast enough
it seems like I have been sitting here forever
for just one second
I wish I was you
so that I can excuse myself from
this tasteless thing

You have the luxury to say no
No is not my vocabulary
when I say it,
it just does not exit my lips
it isn't a speech problem
just a problem I just cannot discuss

Did you know I was hungry before this
my stomach growled
my mouth watered
but when I sat on the table
I just became tired
and hunger escape me
where did it go?

As if you were not special enough
I have to sit here and inhale this offensive odor
from this substance supposed that there are good for me
while you now child play
and horsing around
I am not jealous
I just wish I could be you
just for a second
so I can get off the table
where we mostly dine
but if I never see it again
I will be fine

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Rich Free Man P.II

You do not know I, but I am the closet to GOD; see HE has blessed me with all the gold, and a throne that I kindly refuse to sit in. But the gold, it is a blessing that few have received. Or maybe a blessing that has been given to everyone, but too many, too busy holding on at the edge of the mountain, trying to climb the walls of the sky to receive heaven. Heaven is not up there, I know where Heaven is, and it is not up there. I tell them to come down, but I am ignored with kind words although their face filled with hanger, maybe disgust. A secret it is from now on, since everyone kindly brush their shoulders as the truth roll from my tongue. The truth, they ignore, the truth, but never mind them, heaven, I can have all to myself...

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I need to find my spaceship,
Find my way to faraway
I need to find that girl
Not an Earthling
I need a girl from way back
Since women are form Venus
I will stop there on my way
to faraway
Dirt is filling up,
minds are chasing all that is not there
I don't want to be a part of the end
so before the end
let me find my spaceship
and go far far away

The Rich Free Man P.I

A twinkling metal fell from the sky into my paper cup. Relief coated my stomach, with the promise of a meal very soon, maybe a pie; with beef, potatoes and corn, with flavored juice that leaks through the crust. The mere thought had my tongue so excited that taste buds jump like children who are about to receive sweets. By the time I looked up, the fingers from which the coins slithered had vanished without hearing my gratitude. But I sat, then knelt, then sat, then stood, all the while, my body stood my territory, and though I marked it like a wolf, bums creep to steal me from my place....

Coming soon..The Rich Free Man P.II

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beauty In Black

The list, black

Black suit
Black rose

Black men

Beautiful black women

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