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A character in this reality, each of us is a character in each episode. Everyone else is watching in another reality. Who is to say what is known? What if all that is known is just perceived? Everything we know is almost everything that we have been told. If our ancestors figured their own truths, why are we not looking for our own?

-in my mind

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nipep II

I wanted you....

Your giggles, oh with such sound of life,
your smile, oh but the way you smile,
your eyes, with sparkle of gold,
your hands, soft in my hold,
your heart, un-measurable,
your trust, unquestionable.

I need you...

Your eyes refused to see me,

they searched within me,
looking for more than what you can see
trying to peer into my tomorrow,
searching for yourself in it,
did you find you?
Or must you look much closer?
and then to want so much more than just close,
but so much less than what is real,
and so much more than just a touch,
but so much less than meaning of it,
but so much more than skin itself,
but so much less than today,
so that there is so much more tomorrow.

Just could not see me in your...

© EOU 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where... I stand

Yes.. Yes...
It all sounds good
You love me
You want me
I'm the only one
I'm the one
I love to hear it
I love to feel it
I love you
I want it
but truth is, its here for the moment
maybe you mean it forever
maybe you say it because it sounds good
I can only take it
I cannot embrace it
I cannot place in a plaque
It will not be there forever
temporary is not forever
That's why I must know where I stand
because where I stand will determine where I go
where I stand with you
will determine how far I must go by myself

She...Orange sky

The sky is soon to be dark
the orange sun touch my skin
and I looked at Her
and She stare back
something is right about this
something I can feel
It feels real
It feels like I belong
this feeling that so many long
It feels good
but she will part soon
and many days will pass before we see each other like this
sure we see daily
sure She waves
sure I smile back
but back at this moment will I remember?
she will not
she will forget
but this moment has happened before
and I am sure it will happen again
different for sure
but good each time


Careful for fire is beauty in itself and make the eye see things that are not there. things that cannot be touched. it dances like no other, creating moves that acrobats could not. It is beautiful and uncertain to the mind how it is possible. But it can quickly posses the bite of an wild cat as it want not to be touched. It is more of a she. just like a woman to reach out and decide what is fit to touch her and what is not, she turns her back against. She turns her back so he who has been rejected know to move on and dream of her no longer. And for those who do not respect her back, for those who care not for her decision, for them come the pain when they touch her because mad at the slap of rejection. And a warning is sent. warning that is almost burnt. It is said that only the quickest of the quick can touch and gentlest of all man. And that spoken truthfully for I have seen man play with fire and one in my sight has touched fire but with such quickness, I could have been fooled if he had not. And true also for a man with great patients slowly move closer to feeling the strength of the heat but also knowing when to stop before they are burnt.

...The Stop

She knows me, like I know her
not at all
that she sees me is all that counts
she may forget tomorrow
but now we will have our moment
who started this, neither is sure
what is sure is that we both want
I tried to look away, but could not
my head turned but my eyes stayed
and she smirked realizing my actions
my eyes moved to her lips
they were glazed ready to be touched
the movement of her lips indicated nervousness
was she nervous?
nervous I could not be
but only if it remains like this
if she spoke, I would not know my actions
will I shut down and draw blanks
think positive
I must think positive
as I attempted to move closer to her
she turned
stepped down....
it was her stop.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The serpent in the sea

Naked feet on cold wooden floor
Each step a tip
Each step leaves haze around each print
Then disappears
Ghostly, the cracking of heavy weight on wood
The loud drums
The vibrating sound that unease the nerve
The mind too weak to control
The control of certain inches of the body
The nose sweating out nerve
The underfoot searching for carpet
The warmth searching for the feet
The serpent will not avast
Thee corrupt the mind
And the mind caress the lewd thoughts
The body quiver in excite
The hand turn the knob
Door open and door close
Voices whisper
One begs for halt, the other plead closeness
Too far to turn
Back, Ghost I cannot
Hide this love no more
I am weak

Only the sea can save me now
To lay on dirt and swim in sea
Serpentine on mountains of sand
The curves, mamma, and mane
Glide on the golden tone
Smooth like skin, after being peeled
Open the shell
Tongue the mussels
The wind moan
Whispers pleading
The sea calls
And I swim
Current, tonight is strong
The waves pull, then push
Over and over
Then the sudden calm
So I lay on the beach
exhaust, weak, full of fatigue
After my nerves ease and sweat rest
Words spoke
Door opens, door closes
Hardwood crack underneath feet
I ghost myself from the chance of wandering eyes
And bedded my exhausted body

© EOU 2010

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