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A character in this reality, each of us is a character in each episode. Everyone else is watching in another reality. Who is to say what is known? What if all that is known is just perceived? Everything we know is almost everything that we have been told. If our ancestors figured their own truths, why are we not looking for our own?

-in my mind

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nearing Our End: Light

Finding the ways
through the hot, damp tunnel
it continues to break
find the way

broken wine glasses
vases at the wall aiming
blaming only one for
the flying obstacles
like one was not enough
to know that one way
or another, one should not
be the constant blame

trying to live
under the short lamp
the need for light
trying not to fall
into the demons hands

fearing shades
under that moon light
waiting to find
what one is running from
but there isn't never
anything there

Thursday, December 26, 2013

They Say...

They say that
love is patient
but I am wasted
waited, I had patience I need rum
to subtract the sum
of our buried treasures

They say that
love with last
but there is no way to pass
and at last, we must see our past

...and I need rum
to subtract the sum
of our buried treasures

Monday, December 23, 2013

Without You, There Is No Us...

love in the water

so I thought
all you need is love
that is so, so false

if you don't believe
in you or I
then you cannot believe
in us

if you don't trust
yourself or I
then you can't trust
in us

If you can't find compromise
then no promise
can I keep

If we cannot speak
with one another
everything will sound
much louder

if we cannot walk together
then how can we stand
each other

if you don't love
yourself enough
you can't possible
love I

If you do not learn how to swim
then we'll both drown

Rowing with all my might
I feel like I will not make it
knowing that
before I can save you love
I must save
beliefs, trust, and compromise
save the words that do harm
the emotions that makes you cry
keep me from being myself
because when I'm with you
there is no such thing as I

EOU © 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Say you can't
be there...

so that I can
prepare myself to step alone

so that I know
no one has my back

so that I see
that I belong so

Say you can't,
and I can't

Say you can't
and I will be alright

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wreckage in the Past

It feels like I'm constantly swerving,
trying to avoid the wreckage ahead
of the past problems
that just keep leaving the rear-view
to appear ahead

Frustrated with jitters
from excitement of lack of sleep
that left me so overtired
that I can't fall asleep
but I'm full of fatigue

It feel like an earthquake
inside my heart
why is everything falling apart
maybe we should be apart
and head straight for all the wreckage
we kept trying to leave in the past

Monday, December 9, 2013

When falling no longer feel so...

not sure when One started to descend
it must have been a long time
for One feels like he's on solid ground

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