in my mind

A character in this reality, each of us is a character in each episode. Everyone else is watching in another reality. Who is to say what is known? What if all that is known is just perceived? Everything we know is almost everything that we have been told. If our ancestors figured their own truths, why are we not looking for our own?

-in my mind

Monday, July 30, 2012


For You To Think About

there are too many mirrors
in the world
you cannot find your
true self
if you look out the window
you'll see anything
and if you step out the door
you'll find anything

But stay in 
and find yourself
not amounting
to anything

Number in slumber
fondling the lumber
self caged in cyber
self hatred

Get out into the world
and live among-st
live beings

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who I could have been

At one I buried memories of the day conceived
At three I buried the memories before I spoke
At Six I buried memories before I knew a thing
There, everything became new
Six, feeling
Lonely, hurt
Mother, father
If i could hear you
I would know you
but the walls are silent
and nothing is
scarier that a silent world
until you enter a city
and then nothing is
scarier that the city lights
to those who have not once experienced
and the sound are noise to peaceful ears


There are a lot people who do not get to experience life as we did. Lets be grateful for our experiences

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reasonably trying to tell secrets... Skies

Partly thinking of all of the things that fade...

I am realizing that we are fading, slowing changing. We are not what we used to be and the things that allow us to grow are the things that keep us motivated. I feel, after a bottle of beer, that what we are talking about does not make sense and everything must have a sense if not it will not exist in my parallel universe.

Things I've never seen, do not exist, in my world. But not existing in my wold does not mean that it is not real. What is the meaning of arguments if there is nothing to take from it? What is the meaning of a meaningless conversation? is it brief entertainment that lapse in memory, fall from the sky, and the day is forgotten? We are all forgotten until what you mean to us phase us and then we recall who you are but we never know what you are, to us, until it is too late to realize. But it is never too late to realize because we can't just become dust that vanish in thin air.

Nothing must remain the same, and everything must remain constant. Those things I just could not tolerate are mind games that phase me none now that I realize that it just make no sense to think about something that does not matter. Matter of fact it is that all of the facts are opinion until it is proven fact for the main time and then it becomes someones opinion. Have we been talking about the same thing all along but still arguing? Language barrier on all the bridges in our geographic area.

Broadly speaking... Do you not realize what is going on around you? You have not been looking and while you have not lost your hearing, you are not listening. We are not alone in this lonely world. See there are those who know what is to be known and to share is like sharing wealth, why would they? It is something that is worth more than all things on this earth because we must keep to ourselves what could benefit the world. I just can't think like that. Maybe when I get a piece of the action I'll become something I despise or something I never thought I'll be.

It is easy to look at someone and make up our mind but we are doing exactly the same thing just in different ways. Secret is that there is something that you should know but you have not been seeking it and so it is unlikely that you will learn it. Did you hear the secret? The reason it is a secret is because they wish for it to remain the same. Look at the sky long enough and then you will ask the right questions... Look to the sky once in a while. Look to the sky

Monday, July 23, 2012


Even though you are a minuscule part of me, you are still part of me. "It's not who I am" It is who made me. You are who made me. Your presence, even if short, made me who I am.

You are the reason for my being. And if I become great, I did not do so by myself. I have you to thank.

You are who made me. Yesterday I was someone else, Today I am me!

I can't thank you enough for the addition.

I appreciate all of whom I have met. Everyone no matter how little their presence in my life, had some affect as to who I am. Negative or positive, all is appreciated.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Living in Midst of Death

We are not the murderer of the murdered nor the killers of the passers. We are man, who died a little, because a part of us has been taken from us. Though you are mother, father, sister, brother. We have mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. When one is lost, is it not all of us, who has experience the person, whom have lost too? Even those who have no knowledge of the passer lose for they have not experience something great or something not so great but someone they can learn from?. Then why tell us we do not understand? Why make it as if you are the only one who has lost? You have lost the most, and that is known. Why spread enough tears to drown us all in? why blame yourself or the world for what the world itself do not have a hand in? Why die, when you are still alive?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Balance: The Good & The Bad

all you have to do is just live
the simplest thing is to breathe
you don't even have to think about it
things come and go
and go and come
we find ourselves in the midst of it all
all of the numbers that we count
are all starting to look the same
and everything that once mattered
became meaningless
and all the things
that had less of a meaning
are becoming more meaningful
I was not born with it all,
all the things I know now
and all the things I will learn tomorrow
but then I guess
there will be no point in living
and so embrace the living
hug those who are leaving
take in the difficulties
try not to make sense of it all
just under stand
and remember
it must all balance
the good
and the bad

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mathematician And Problem Solvers

My ears were prey to the complaints
They came in waves
and in waves they came
I cannot not do anything
but I sit and pull out the puzzle
because it is meant to be solved
every problem must be solved
the solution but so easy
played like a film in my head
just not a picture
the complainer could see
and so I cannot not do anything
but I sit and take a sip of this refreshing beverage
because every problem must be solved
and so I pull out my math book
where there is always just one answer
and but many ways to solve
life's jest
and so filled with laughter
because a mathematician cannot solve
his own problems
this predator mouth
has found prey
and it played like a film in the preys head
just not a picture
the complainer could see


Each of us can solve others problems, but have difficulties solving our own. That's why Mathematicians are magicians at solving problems...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Waking up in my sleep

Waking up
in my sleep
The sun is
the birds
mostly the chicks,
for food
The sound is no music
to my hears
Must not have woken up
the right side of the bed
one did rise from
the left
the sound of rain
is the feeling of sleep
my bed
is requesting my
but I am too busy 
this white cup of 
looking out the
wind and
trying to glimpse the sky
through the gray clouds
thinking to
the world is  most
looking at the grass on the other side of the
part of which is
other part color
but from this angle
it is just
beautiful isn't
but somehow perfect is beautiful
And the sun brings light to the world
this is the sight to
the world
it gives joy to just look

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Leaving Most of Me

I haven't had a hold on my mind
for sometime now
We can no longer agree on a thing
we barely look each other in the eyes
but we have agreed to disagree
Agreed to find our own way
To part by the glass
because I am either becoming what I hate
or hating what I have become
and around you
I really dislike myself
and do I get dress and get my luggage?
stand in front of the mirror?
and have my goodbye?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mind boggling - Mind Crazy

supposing that the streets are crawling with lies
and smell of feces is bearable,
 - please keep the mouthwash in a lot longer
tell me no lies even with fire in your mouth
disguise yourself from yourself
and then tell me if you can find yourself
unlikely that you find silence
not anywhere
but you are the first to throw rocks
 - have you ever felt a rock on your head?
it's likely you haven't
tell me something I don't know
like that fire burn
and no matter how far I stay away
there's no preventing cancer
and sometime there just isn't any answers
I swear I have been living forever
time, just will not stop
only to men holding candles
walking on sandals
keep playing the music
one thing that's more frightening
than seeing nothing
is hearing nothing
 - time to fasten your seat-belts
Cry now, cry
hear all the things you hate to hear
dry the tears
it's not as bad as it sounds
take the heat from all sides
take it in, take it in
and then throw it back
first send them a warning
then let them see a fraction of the action
let them see your vein work
everyone is testing
their limit
It's passed the line
but still we throw pennies
every money is necessary
every man will die
just hope you've lived happy
sad days come
and then I'm greatful for the laughable days
There's a road I'm looking for
It's called the happy way

Friday, July 13, 2012

Morning nights

never could you believe
under what I woke up this morning
I woke under a red cloud
that drizzled grey rain
sprinkling grey mist 
on my eye lids
when my eyes ajar
I knew just what kind of day to expect

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Change Myself: Lost & Found

You keep me from being anyone
and so I became myself
you told me that I did not breathe well
and thought me how to breathe like someone else
that person did not think well
and so you told me to think like someone else
that person did not behave
and so you told me I had to act like someone else
that person did not listen
and so you gave me someone else's ears
that person did not speak well
and so you told me I had to talk like someone else
that person did not feel well
and you told me to feel like someone else
I have lost and found
I could not see anyone else
then I broke down
and realized I did not like myself
then I looked in the mirror
and saw that I was everyone else

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Making in this minute

what you are making
no longer depends on anything
except the outcome
your ideas are shining
that cost plenty of time
plenty of minds
have found themselves lost
lost in yesterday
forgetting already tomorrow
seeming in constant
the longest now ever
and so I rest my mind
exit my object
so that I can dream
of any time other than now

Friday, July 6, 2012


If I wasn't alone
If music didn't play
If I did not sing
If beauty did not exist
If the waves did not crash
If the sand did not blow
If I could not stand
If you could not see my feet
If the rope did not hold
If I could always smile
If flowers did not smell
If I could not walk on this
IF the sun did not shine
If there were no water
If I could just be
If there were no view
If it did not feel like this
If you could just see me
If I could not be bare
If I could not sleep
The world, would it be still?

Billabong Lightwriting

Monday, July 2, 2012

Amy, Amy, Amy

You have places to go
you had people you could have seen
but instead you sit in the open glass room
listening to instructions
because of your disability
who ever thought you
sharing is caring
never thought you
caring is a whole load
you had so much to share
all the ideas, all the love
wanted to show the world the sun
from your eyes
the goodness
all you wanted to do was share
but by the time you reached the sharing step
you were full of all the things you disliked the most
and the things you did not want to be
Your words unladylike
and many times the most filthy
But your voice
It showed me the stories
you could not speak
Your voice 
It showed me the things you were
and the things you wanted to be
I have not had wine in my house
for sometime
but I do have a photo of you
in the case
Reading... Parental Advisory 

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