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A character in this reality, each of us is a character in each episode. Everyone else is watching in another reality. Who is to say what is known? What if all that is known is just perceived? Everything we know is almost everything that we have been told. If our ancestors figured their own truths, why are we not looking for our own?

-in my mind

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Last November

November, my sweet November
In all the months, November the song
It is no longer a month long
The day, the one before mine
The last, when we dined
The save, of the strap
I plead, it was a trap
I fell, forgive my fall
You repelled
Un-spoke, unlooked
You undid my string
Now I’m lifeless in your heart
I cannot forget you
I cannot undo
I can only frame the memories
I put them on my walls
So that out of my mind
So that I can forget, then remember
Remember my sweet November

Silent, The World...I hear you, I just can't see you


the sound of silence
heart rate rising
but you can't hear it
How could the deaf live in this
it has my knees weak
my heart pound
almost out of my chest


Silence, the fear
that sound is gone
and your screams unheard
because silence means one is alone


I long for music
because silence kills me
death is the sound of silence
silent, do not tell me to be
my body will refuse
if you sew my mouth shot
you will still hear my heart
the pound is the least silent


When there is no sound
and the room pose (picture)
there is no move
Eyes wonder to the next room
Because where there is no body
there is silence (no sound)
new born fear to be alone
with age, one long more for silence
until it is seen
no one in the room
I see silence

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Long sleep

Long Sleep
Why do people fear you, Long Sleep
Why do I not
Long sleep
Do I not sleep everyday?
So what is sleep a little longer?
When we wake, do we not wish for more sleep?
So why be scared to sleep forever?

Long sleep
I was once scared
Death, I mean Long Sleep
I locked my doors
I closed all doors so I can hear you coming
So that I can be ready
Ready, that’s all I was
Ready, but not ready for my forever sleep
Because forever is a long time
I don’t want to sleep now
Can I be awake all the time, until my lungs sleep?

Long sleep
I did not understand
Why is there long sleep?
Death, I mean Ms. Long Sleep
Can I just call you sleep?
Because I enjoy sleep
Why are you associated with bad?
Can I say you are good?
So maybe I can sleep better

Long sleep
You are feared by all
You are feared to all, to sleep
And since sleep is the cause of dreams
I want to sleep longer and longer
To dream my wants, to forget my needs
But Long Sleep, I am not ready for
Ms. Long sleep, I no longer fear you

Forever is a long time
And forever sleep will always be feared
But forever sleep is needed
So that others have chance to see the World
To love the things I’ve loved, but forgotten
To see things I’ve seen, but don’t appreciate
To feel the things I no longer know how to feel

Long sleep
I respect you now
I understand
To sleep is to be in peace
To leave the worries and dream my wants
To feel happy more than sorrow and fear
So long sleep is a blessing
So that I can appreciate it all now
The World, my loves ones and friends
For now I will live
But Ms. Long Sleep, we will meet one day
Till then, I shall be with my close friend, Ms Life

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gone Till November

Gone till November, the 4Th
Gone till everything falls back to where it is supposed to be
And I promise not to return until everything is back in order
Or at least order till everything returns
- This is how it’s supposed to be
  This is supposed to be how it is
  Because we are becoming what we hate,
  Or hating what we have become,
  We are not part of what we are becoming,
  Nor becoming what we are part of,
  Since everything is becoming useless
  Should we use less of everything
  So that next November comes faster
When November, the 4Th comes and I am not there,
Just know that things are not in order,
And so, wait till next November, the 4Th

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stop the train

The train moves
it rocks, back and forth, up and down
the train moves forward
and then it began to move backwards
Balance is no longer there
the rock, the move
the sound, the feel
the train is still moving
this is not yet my stop
if I get off. it will stop
and no longer move

I need to stay awake
the rock, gentleness
its like I'm home, comfort
trust, comfort
relaxed, the air
free my body from tense
cleanse, my mind

sleep covers my eyes
the train stopped

Shit under my foot

i just stepped on a piece of shit,
shit, fucking shit, i am angry, pissed,
this fucking dirty odor of man's best-friend sits
underneath, my left shoe sole,
and now i am, with every might
trying to cleanse,
shoot, shit,

i can just imagine the stupid man,
or the dumb broad standing there,
face half covered, between his hat,
and her scarf, 
trying to hide, as if i would not recognize
the stupid, rat looking, domestic.

dirty people live,
and leave their filth,
and i am the one it ends up

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Testing the air

The sun is in the sky
But I remain tired
and sleep calls
the walls seem too high
stacks of leafs
stripped from trees
creased half red
dead, the other green
screams of joy
dust rise
size the sky
try to stand
doubt to hand your hand…

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twigs around your wrists

I can't speak
like a dream, I can't open my mouth
and I am forced to watch the apple rot
green, attached to the tree
I can't save you from your misery
to be eating or to rot
to be cherished or consumed
to be loved or called the forbidden fruit

I cannot save
so I bathe
to cleanse my thoughts
to be free from what I know
to just go
so that I am not the cause
here comes the worm
I close my eyes, can't look
maybe you will fall
maybe you will not rot
maybe you will not be eaten
maybe all this is entirely up to you
but my hands, I wash
hope, I must
that the twigs do no harm
and your wrists are safe

If you could
if you have the strength
to cut yourself from the tree
to remove the twigs around your wrists

Friday, May 22, 2009


Sea sick to the water that will bring me home,
sick until the water is gone and you are my sand,
sinking to every step,
but I know you will not let the world swallow me,
and so you appear from my shadow
to be real in my dreams.

I feel the waves part from my feet 
they touch yours before saying goodbye,
and then return moments later.
They hold joy in their playfulness,
full of cheer as they tickle our feet,
like small children demanding to play.
They seem sad to always go,
but at their return you see they have aged
for each tide is another day.

Bare feet, holdings hands,
you and I, on the sand
under the moonlight were it is light as day,
your smile awaken me from my tire lid
should we roam in the playful beach?
or should we sit and admire Andromeda and Perseus?
Their reflection on the water as if hand reach away,

Do you need rescue from the tiring world?
Should I be a slayer to death in the meaning of life?
Should I preserve you from the years later to come?
Or will it be you that rescues I?

© EOU 2008

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mi Cuore

Mio cuore
Quando mi dai la mano
Quando o innamor
Quando non poso caminare?
Quando te lo datto I'll mondo?
Quando non poso parlare piu?
Quando non poso dormire?
E non poso fare niente
Perche I'll mio cuore e morto
E non posso bere
Non posso mangiare
Non ti voglio chiamare
Perche mi ai lacciatto
Sono nell'aqua quando piove
Voglio bacciare con te
Voglio bacciare I'll tuo piede
Pero non posso bacciare quando caminarso

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love in between

In the reachable place
I found a palace
with freshly cut
sun bleached grass

It is presented
under the white sheer
that feels like nothing
on the gold tone flesh

I found love
for myself
and I play with it
until my trembling love
sends my quivering voice
to moan under the moon

© EOU 2009

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