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A character in this reality, each of us is a character in each episode. Everyone else is watching in another reality. Who is to say what is known? What if all that is known is just perceived? Everything we know is almost everything that we have been told. If our ancestors figured their own truths, why are we not looking for our own?

-in my mind

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Homeless Man's Fire - V

Perception is not the truth
the truth is the biggest lie
lie down waiting, pretending
to avert the queens strings lit fire

Borrow, my string of fire
the words that strip me of life
the sharp looks
the feeling of being unwanted
relation to the king
affiliation to the queen
the hand that brought me to the king
the shoes that will not come off
borrow it, but please
do not give it back

"Perception is not the truth
the truth is the biggest lie
emotions and distortion
you should have just abort"
I tell myself that
as I look back
time and time again
I wish I did abort

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Homeless Man's Fire - IV

It is supposed to hurt more than the fire
when the king held his sons and smiled
But it felt like another day
wishing to be a kings son
hearing... "You are the queens son"
hearing... "hers only"
but still forcing my way into his heart
pushing, at all cost
trying to get my share
until there was no space left
and my pace reduced
shortage of breath
lack of opportunity
in need of my never grown
planted in the field
where the rest of me
I have to pay for
this close to calling the devils line
and cashing in on my soul
it is worth billions you know?
It is worth more than this world

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Homeless Man's Fire - I

Finding oneself standing
in a room where everything is wrong
the feeling of not belonging
but hold on to every wall
the ground can shift
to any side
at any time
but you held my hand
and you brought me to the king
poor favors
walking on uncooked rice
with sweaty palms
we are meant to be strong
we fragile things

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Homeless Man's Fire - II

The queen sent sharp eyes
and there was nothing but cold
the breeze, so cold the breeze
you just could not feel it
but numb my fingers, numb my toes
and shivers hit my body
and I felt an earthquake in my lungs...
in my horror I imaging verses
of your beautiful plain sight
this is confusing
how did you learn to be so good at it?
these emotions
awkwardly trying to grasps
something called love
I learned to pretend
with all smiles

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Homeless Man's Fire - III

While I lay under the queens fire
the king turns his head
and I wanted to see tears
from the corner of his eyes
his back is what I feared the most
Turning ghost before the queen
I saw myself lie
trying not to wake from infinite sleep
it was just a memory trip
waking up to a strip of fire on my skin
realizing anything is better than being here
fire burns until it burn no more
and I hardened so that nothing could inflict
except for within me

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hiding behind Bush: All of us

Everyone knows about you
from the cold war kids
to the couch potatoes
the most serious comedy
hiding behind the bush
fools we are
words are just words
but I sit here
with no intent on course of action
just sit dull
under two satellite globe
someone is got to do something about this
but it couldn't be me
because I voice is not loud enough
my mind is too simple
I have more important things
I can't fight for those who do not want to be fought for
and all the excuses keep me in my chair 
and Bush in his
and the administrative in theirs
and government in theirs
and all men like stoners
sitting day dreaming

Friday, November 9, 2012

What do you stand for?

Standing too strong
paralyzes man
when you are standing
you are not walking
how do you move on?
So I stand not too long
and not too strong
I stand barely so that
when I tire
I do not stand for just anything

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