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A character in this reality, each of us is a character in each episode. Everyone else is watching in another reality. Who is to say what is known? What if all that is known is just perceived? Everything we know is almost everything that we have been told. If our ancestors figured their own truths, why are we not looking for our own?

-in my mind

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Poison, the thing that kills, takes one away from his mind, 
The thing that end the past and force new beginning, Poison,
The thing that regurgitate words from ones ears, and into others 
Mouth, Poison, the thing that has one crying blood, shacking with 
Fever from all the negativity past on and on from those who were

Poison I am, caused by poison I ate
I ate part of an animal that my mouth watered for,
Part that my stomach growled for, Part that gave my body
Strength. This part is a part of an animal that was abused, tortured, by a mans dirty hand. Negative, dirty hands inflicts the animal, and negative to all who eat, and so negative to the soil who swallows what I shit.

Poison I am, caused by poison I heard
I heard words that made me hate, words that took part of me away and now my ears are unclean, dirt made their way through, now Damaged good, so I speak dirt, and who ever listen is inflicted by dirt, and as I, negated by what they heard, negative that negate any who hears their words, and so negative one day the whole world for the negative that spills from every mouth and into every ears.

Poison I am,
I touched a woman who was poisoned by a man’s love, a man who was created by poison; by seeds that forced their way into his mothers womb, Cruel. I bathe so that my body can be free of this poison.

I know poison, that of which I was not born with, but came to know by the teaching of those who had been poisoned, because unlike they I discovered poison in my mind, I incision to remove so that poison-less I can be.

I saw poison; my neighbor took his wife by her hair and struck because of hanger, and my small heart stopped for five seconds so that air cease to enter my lungs, and blood cease to move to my brain, so that my mind do not process and keep me un-poisoned by what I now did not see.


I believe that we are responsible for ourselves. No one is really responsible for us. Mass produce is killing us; the essence of poison. It is unnatural to put tubes in animals mouths and force to continuously eat so that it can reach a greater size and be able to feed more. It is unnatural to abuse these animals. We are animals and we do not believe in being tortured or being purposely harmed. why do we allow it to happen? Why do we eat that which is poison to our mind, body, and soul? Why do we eat what has been fed chemical? Do we really believe the chemical don't reach us? Then why is there so much unnatural obesity amongst us? why are many born with various complications? Do we believe this "Poison" has nothing to do with it?

There is other forms of poison. Another is poisoning the mind. Teaching us that which is false. Allowing those who do not know better, or refuse to find the truth for themselves to guide us in following them to the edge of the hill., where we all fall. Lastly, poison is affecting the kids. What we do and what they see affect them. Negativity around them adds negativity to their lives.

This poem is focused on what a number of people do not know. Every negative thing we see, hear, or eat; all incoming things that affect the body and the mind, are poison to whom we are, and what we are. All these do not only affect us, but our friends and loved ones as we share all of our poisons with them, therefore increasing the amount of people infected.

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  1. first of all I can't help but quote this line : "negative to the soil who swallows what I shit." - love that !
    you should put that on your face book status ! lol
    But now seriously, We are surrounded by poison and it's almost impossible to fully protect ourselves from it.
    It is sad but it's not helpless. Whatever doesn't come from within us can be but doesn't have to be absorbed.
    So as long as we know what to avoid we could be good. But how do we know right from wrong ? From our parents... But what if our parents are rotten ? From our teachers ... but what if our teachers are wrong ? That all seams to be going back to our conversation....Who is responsible for keeping up kids pureness ? So they can grow to their full potential and enjoy life before they get damaged with poison ?
    Well I don't have a golden recipe to cure the world.
    But I do know that if we first work on ourselves at least we won't add any poison to it. And once it stops spreading we can figure out how to fix it !
    Use your jugements , deep inside we all know right from wrong ! Many of us just chosen not to look as deep...


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