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A character in this reality, each of us is a character in each episode. Everyone else is watching in another reality. Who is to say what is known? What if all that is known is just perceived? Everything we know is almost everything that we have been told. If our ancestors figured their own truths, why are we not looking for our own?

-in my mind

Friday, June 29, 2012

Lotus Focus

Finding focus underneath the desk
next to the vitamin fish
and bottle of water
mixing causing bowel movement
today's treatment
focus under pressure
focus into the lotus
see beauty crumble in detail
nothing more displeasing
than deflowering
that which is pleasing
But only until it has been pleased
and then there's much less you can do with it
and it all feels like it could have been nothing
nothing is more scary than feeling nothing
because then we become despicable
mouth watering violence
round shaped hearts
falling into oblivion
wandering where you are
as depression attack
and then your beautiful day
is gone
and a pill is supposed to 
save you from your insecurities
and no one can save you from
your self pity
only to lose focus
and drown in meaningless life
to find a meaning in life

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