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A character in this reality, each of us is a character in each episode. Everyone else is watching in another reality. Who is to say what is known? What if all that is known is just perceived? Everything we know is almost everything that we have been told. If our ancestors figured their own truths, why are we not looking for our own?

-in my mind

Monday, March 4, 2013

From Salt to Water to Snow to my hand, I melt...

              i melt with you...

I am... I miss my lovers
if i am not miserable
i could not be much happier
slipping in between both of your touch
and the reality that you will never age
again, the great un-dead
sleeping in between both your touch
in my dreams
making rain from the sprinkler
hanging myself
so that i will never age
in between both of you

I am a stock broker
stocking to break
i stock, stock, and i stock
then i break and break
and though i am not deserving
i take a little more and more
to keep you happy, all of you
to give you things you deserve
that i myself incapable giving
but when they come knocking
breaking down my doors
i am sorry to leave you all alone
while i sleep with my head
under the pillow

I am a medical practitioner
in school to practice
but no one teaches you
about patients and the abuse
all the substance abuse
and the inflow of vast amounts
of paper; money
just for me to write
prescriptions, i mean
controlled substance
and that the only one left for me
loves someone else
and i sit here while he
tells me about his dad
but son, i'm your dad
...but son, i'm your dad
and loudly crying my heart
out, this undying pain
until my soul vaporize
from the controlled

I am a writer -teacher
instructing adolescence
i'm laughing hysterically
met life, he has me dying
an author
what i aspire to be
to be nothing less than
living inside the uncontrolled
substance, the controlled substance
that keep me in memory
of when i first met
my one and only
but my one and only turned
into three pills
and to watch all of them go
the way they did
I must leave
the painted pact
on glass wall
and set for the cliff
near the lighthouse
I can't live without my friends

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© EOU 2013


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