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Friday, January 27, 2012

Religion: Guilt


When a person feels he or she has violated a moral standard and he or she feels.

The use of guilt to keep man in a certain moral standard for the better of society is not a bad thing. Keeping man aware of his or he neighbor is like the intension of some religious practice. Laws do not make one feel that he or she should not act for self only (acting like one is the only one in this world). Law only stops one from certain acts by the fear of punishment.

Which is more affective, law or guilt?

I think guilt is more affective. People who practice religion do not tend to be violent, hateful, or act immoral, at least that, I feel, is the intension of the religious groups that practice it.

With guilt, one is likely not to repeat an offence to man or action he or she feel (or are thought) that is not of moral standard.

With law, man is likely to feel remorse unless he or she is caught. But if the person is not caught, they are likely to repeat the act.

Some people do not like the guilt religion has (pressed on them) and so because guilt is not a feeling one likes to feel, the best thing is to avoid feeling it.

Our norm changes with age. Especially with continuous education or life discussion with peers. It may not change for some, it may change onces  for other, and it may changed much more than onces for the rest.

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